Centro di lavoro Linea Metro N 19 P

navetta bilivello - 19 P


Type of machine: Linea

Model: Metro N

Year: 2001

NC: Fanuc 16iMB / Siemens 840D

Pallet dimension: 630x800 mm

Number of pallets:19

Type of palletization: Navetta bilivello

Number of tools: 350

X Axis travel: 1150 mm

Y Axis travel: 850 mm

Z Axis travel: 910 mm

Rotary table: continua

Rapid movements: 40 mt/min

Mandrel: elettromandrino ISO 50

Rotating speed: 10.000  giri/min

Motor Power: costante 22KW / massima 30KW

Memory extension 2MB

High pressure

Power monitor

fume extractor

tool integrity control system

Dimensional control feeler

Remote tool magazine button panel

Scraping chip conveyor