Construction of Machining Centre

Assistance, overhaul, spare parts

Buying and selling of used Machines

Installation and movement


Intesa manufactures Machining Centres, and constantly develops new implementations and new models, with the same orientation towards quality on which the company was founded since the first prototype.

Today, it is the only reference company for all the LINEA  Machining Centres: from construction and installation to overhaul and assistance. 

Our team of specialized technicians are ready to promptly intervene on any problem, be it mechanical, electrical or software. 


Intesa The tool management software

The tool management software

The tool management software is a software package designed for tool management in Intesa work cells, intended to be user-friendly for the operator managing the cell. The system provides a series of statistical, diagnostic, and management tools desig...
Intesa Production Management System

Optimize Production with the Intesa Management System

The Intesa Production Management System represents a revolution in the automation and efficiency of work cells. This cutting-edge software package is designed to simplify and improve every aspect of production management. Let's explore its key featur...
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INTESA manufactures Machining Centres with horizontal axis with a high level of efficiency and autonomy. They are suitable for small, medium or large production depending on the configuration.


The volumetric dimensions are between 500x630 mm pallets and 100x1250 mm pallets and can work with extreme precision prismatic parts up to a diameter of 2600 mm.


INTESA is the only reference company for all the after-sales services of the LINEA Machining Centres. Our specialized technicians guarantee rapid and competent assistance, remotely or at the customer’s premises - for both LINEA machines and on any type of machine tool.


Thanks to a complete and up-to-date warehouse, we are able to organise in no time the shipment of spare parts for mechanical, electrical and electronic parts. We also carry out maintenance and updating on any type of machines and plant.


INTESA offers complete transportation and installation service for machinery (between different sites or within the same site), even with transport of entire production lines.

Based on the request of the customer, we can carry out the total or partial disassembly, transport and reassembly of any automatic machine. We can also takecare of the connection, installation and possible start-up of the line.