Since 1996, Intesa has overseen installation and after-sales services regarding Linea Machining Centres and provides assistance on any type of machine tool.


Thanks to more than 20 years of experience we can intervene promptly remotely or at the customer’s premises with a team of specialized technicians able to identify the problem in the least possible time, minimizing the loss of production time. Whether it is a sudden machine downtime, repair or replacement of parts, we can ensure the reinstatement of the efficiency conditions of your plants.


We can carry out the overhaul, retrofitting and redesign of machine tools at the customer’s or in our specialized workshop, depending on the complexity of the intervention.


Restoration and renovations may concern individual mechanical parts or the entire parts, such as complete replacement and wiring of electrical and control panels. Once the machine has been reassembled, it is subjected to a start-up test and a geometrical and functional testing, in order to verify the correct functioning of the replaced or repaired parts and systems.

Spare parts

We know how important it is to minimize the downtime of machinery, for this reason we have a complete and updated warehouse.


We can carry out in short time the substitution of mechanical, electrical and electronic parts, if necessary, also arrange the shipment of spare parts to the customer.


Installation and movement of machinery.

We provide the necessary support for loading, placement and installation of machine tools, CNC centres and industrial machinery in general.


Together with the customer, a complete customized solution will be agreed and adapted to the complexity of the machinery to be handled, in compliance with the time indicated.


Our team has experience in many types of industrial plants, from small and medium-sized companies to large multinational companies.

Mode of operation

Before each transfer, especially if it’s a large machine, an inspection will be a carried out to prepare the staff and the best means of transportation suited to carry out the work in the most efficient and secured way possible.


In terms of safety, it will be necessary to intervene in the entire areas concerned, reserving the entrance only to the authorized personnel and avoiding any possible risk situation. Based on the agreement made with the customer, premium professionalism will be employed through the means required to carry out the transportation and installation of the machinery in the established time.


Our specialized team is able to carry out the relocation of machinery from different production sites or within the same warehouse, dealing with the disassembly, assembly and connection, installation and eventual first-start.

Contact us for more information on the service of displacement and installation of industrial machinery and for a cost estimate.