Optimize Production with the Intesa Management System

The Intesa Production Management System represents a revolution in the automation and efficiency of work cells. This cutting-edge software package is designed to simplify and improve every aspect of production management. Let's explore its key features and the value it can bring to industrial activities.

The program is installed on a personal computer with a Windows operating system, strategically located near the operator to ensure easy and quick access to all necessary information and utilities. This strategic arrangement contributes to optimizing workflow management.

The Production Management System effectively coordinates resources to realize the production plan. It manages pallet movement and the integrated CNC part-program Cell, ensuring the precise execution of the planned work. This functionality translates into increased efficiency and reduced downtime.

The synoptic is a distinctive feature of the system, offering a detailed graphical and animated representation of the entire system. This real-time visualization allows immediate control of the system's status, providing a comprehensive overview of ongoing activities.

Ease of use is a key element of the INTESA Production Management System. Thanks to the Drag and Drops system, operators can easily trigger operations between pallets following graphical simulations. This not only simplifies the learning process but also significantly improves overall operational efficiency.

Key features of the system include resource coordination, real-time cell monitoring, equipment configuration with the possibility of partial and non-uniform loading. The visual representation of the component status facilitates control, and the association of equipment and processing codes for each side of the pallet.

Furthermore, the system allows differentiation of production shifts between manned and unmanned shifts, with the ability to set production criteria based on order urgencies or priorities. Integration with the Tool Management System on each machine contributes to a more comprehensive and coordinated resource management.

Production capacity is linked in real-time to the actual availability of resources, and the system provides a forecast of plant autonomy for unmanned shifts. The piece loading operation is guided by an operator screen, further streamlining the workflow.

For each resource, accurate performance data on efficiency can be obtained. The easy integration with external information systems for data collection makes the Intesa Production Management System a complete and adaptable solution to the specific needs of each company.

The IntesaProduction Management System is a stronghold for production optimization. The combination of advanced features, ease of use, and flexibility makes it a strategic investment for those seeking to elevate their production to new levels of efficiency and competitiveness in the era of industrial automation.