Gruppo Provide makes its debut at EMO Hannover.

Gruppo Provide, consisting of Provide Solution, Labormak, Intesa, and Birdtech, participated in the international trade fair EMO Hannover, marking their debut in the international market. This significant step was made possible through dedicated stands for Intesa and Labormak. It was a crucial milestone in our expansion process into the German and global markets, offering us an extraordinary opportunity to showcase our innovative solutions.


In particular, Intesa showcased Metro NG, our brand-new machining center designed to deliver high-level performance while minimizing the impact on the production area. What makes Metro NG innovative is its modularity, allowing for the expansion of the tool magazine and the number of available pallets even after installation, ensuring unparalleled flexibility and adaptability. With its precision in machining pieces up to a maximum diameter of 1200mm and a tool carriage translation speed of 50 m/min, Metro NG promises a significant increase in productivity. Equipped with a 10,000rpm electro-spindle and a compact cell that can accommodate from 11 to 19 pallets with a two-level shuttle, Metro NG is poised to revolutionize the industry.


Labormak also proudly presented its RoboCell line, composed of servo cells that provide complete control of machine tools in an automated mode. This range includes RoboCell S, specially designed for controlling lathes and milling machines, with the option to integrate an AGV transporter for autonomous part movement. On the other hand, AGV RoboCell M is equipped with Labormak's Control Unit, enabling programming to control two machines in a processing sequence, making it ideal for larger pieces and complex operations. Lastly, RoboCell C stands out with its tower-based pallet storage and compact structure, highly adaptable to any production environment and capable of controlling two machines in a processing sequence when equipped with the Control Unit.


During the event, we entertained our guests with a unique experience provided by our RoboCell Arcade. This innovative game captured the attention of many, offering the opportunity to win customized RoboCell Arcade cans containing sweet surprises through participation in our quizzes. It was an extraordinary opportunity to engage the audience and demonstrate our commitment to providing innovative, versatile, and fun solutions.


The great success achieved at this important event would not have been possible without the support of the companies that visited us and the collaboration with the EMO trade fair, along with the invaluable contribution of our collaborators. We sincerely thank everyone who contributed to making this event a great success, and we are excited to continue our journey of growth in the international market, advancing our mission of innovation and excellence.