EMO Hannover 2023: An Exhibition of Innovation and Opportunities for the Gruppo Provide

September is the month when the world of manufacturing industry prepares to welcome one of the most relevant and anticipated events in the field: EMO Hannover 2023. In this internationally renowned trade fair, the Provide Group, composed of Provide Solution, Labormak, Intesa Service Machine, and Birdtech, is getting ready to take the global stage and will be represented through its two leading companies, Labormak and Intesa Service Machine.


Labormak, with its specialization in special machinery, robotic cells, mechanical design, and servo islands, and Intesa Service Machine, with its expertise in tool stores, machine tools, installation and wiring support, as well as machinery construction and revision, are preparing to showcase their cutting-edge solutions at booth E77 in Hall 012. This event represents an extraordinary opportunity for both companies to present their technological expertise and ability to provide innovative and tailor-made solutions to meet customer needs.


EMO Hannover is much more than a mere trade fair. It is a privileged meeting point for professionals and experts from all over the world who wish to stay updated on the latest trends and innovations in the field of machine tools, tool stores, servo cells, and robots. This international event is the ideal place to discover new technologies, connect with key players in the industry, and build lasting business relationships.


We will present the new design of the Metro NG machining center, designed to offer high performance and reliability while occupying a reduced floor space. Thanks to the modularity of its components, it is possible to expand the tool magazine and the number of available pallets during the configuration, even after the installation of the system. The Metro NG can work with extreme precision on parts up to a maximum diameter of 1200mm, ensuring a high level of efficiency and autonomy. The tool carriage translation speed is 50 m/min, allowing for increased productivity. The standard version is equipped with a 10000rpm spindle and a compact cell with 11 pallets and a single-level shuttle, expandable up to 19 pallets with a dual-level shuttle.


Participating in EMO Hannover means putting oneself to the test on a global stage and seizing the opportunity to expand one's presence in the international market. It is a unique occasion to showcase the flagship products and services of the Provide Group, demonstrating cutting-edge solutions to visitors.


During the event, you will have the opportunity to see our machinery in action and get a comprehensive view of the innovative capabilities and competencies of the Group. It will be a chance to interact with those who come to visit us and listen to your needs. We will offer customized solutions that will enable you to enhance efficiency, productivity, and quality in manufacturing operations.


We look forward to welcoming you at booth E77 in Hall 012!