Intesa presents the new version of the Metro NG machine tool at EMO Hannover 2023.

In the constantly evolving world of manufacturing industry, Intesa is paving new paths with the launch of the new Metro NG model. This machine represents a significant step forward in the field of industrial machining centers, and its impact is evident from the first glance at its compact and functional design.


Modularity: Adaptability for Maximum Efficiency


The central idea behind the Metro NG is adaptability. The machine is not just a collection of gears and parts, but rather a modular system designed to tailor itself to the specific needs of each customer. The modular structure of the Metro NG extends to every construction aspect, including tool storage, pallet storage, and the operator area. This flexibility allows for not only initial machine customization but also for extension and adaptation over time, catering to changing production demands.


Autonomy and Safety: Innovations for Optimal Performance


Adaptability isn't the sole distinctive trait of the Metro NG. Autonomy is equally crucial for industrial operations. Thanks to internally developed supervisory and tool management software by Intesa, the Metro NG offers unprecedented control. The intuitive interface of the software simplifies tool and component data monitoring, ensuring precise and reliable production.


The Metro NG doesn't compromise safety in the pursuit of speed and efficiency. In fact, it provides a high number of tool positions in the standard configuration, easily expandable as required. The variety in tool sizes and attention to detail contribute to ensuring safe and dependable production without compromises.


Precision and Speed: Working with Efficiency and Ergonomics


Precision and speed form the beating heart of the Metro NG. The load/unload stations are ergonomic and optimized for maximum efficiency, enabling significant reduction in processing times during unattended shifts. The sturdy base and column structure provides the necessary rigidity for precise and fast operations. The T-shaped base design not only optimizes machine movements but also reduces the need for complex foundation bases.


These features make the Metro NG an innovative and powerful choice for the challenges of modern production. Intesa is also committed to supporting its customers post-installation. The preventive maintenance service offers timely support from specialized technicians, minimizing production disruptions and ensuring continuity.



The Intesa Metro NG embodies the innovation and performance demanded by the modern manufacturing industry. Its adaptability, autonomy, safety, precision, and speed make it a prominent option for current production challenges. With the Metro NG, Intesa continues to progress toward a future of excellence and success.


Come see it in person at EMO Hannover 2023 from September 18th to 23rd, in Hall 012, Stand E77!